How to derive optimum benefits from virtual recharge solutions

Today, technology has  enabled the development of solutions that elimitate difficulties and remove complexities for the betterment of our well being and time savings. In many industries and sectors, the impact of innovation can be felt all around.

Telecommunication and financial sectors of the nigerian economy are no exception with innovation providing the opportunity for an interconnected ecosystem that has resulted in the outcome of many benefits. Amongst these is virtual recharge solutions (VTUs) that enables you to pay for utilities and bills at the confort of your location via an online portal or mobile app. For instance, VTUs enable you to recharge your mobile network airtime or internet data bundles at discounted rates compared to buying them directly from your bank or physical stores. Not only will you eleminate interruptions from your various utlity subscriptions but also you get cash back on each payment in form of discounts.

Discounts accrue to your account in form of cash back, for using the platform inrrespective of the group you belong. For example – Users get discounts and Resellers get even more discounts. 

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